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Places To Visit - Los Alcazares

The Los Alcazares area is just a few minutes away from your holiday rental apartment.


Los Alcazares Beach


 The Arabs chose this marvellous beauty spot for their holidays and to rest, and reopened the ancient Roman spas that already existed in this area. They made good use of the excellent therapeutic properties of its waters, and named it Los Alcazares.


Blue Flag Beaches


Los Alcazares has been awarded four EC blue flags for it's beaches. The beaches Las Palmeras, El Espejo, Los Narejos and Manzanares have all been awarded blue flags. All the beaches are connected by the promenade and provide fresh water, disabled access, sports and play equipment plus numerous decorative elements. Neighbouring towns, San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier have been awarded three blue flags and two blue flags respectively. Los Alcazares's beaches have consistently achieved blue flag status year after year and the town was the first in the region to achieve the coveted Q certification for quality of beaches, and along with the beaches, the town's Tourist information facilities have earned the town an additional Q certificate making Los Alcazares the only municipality in Spain with three of these certificates awarded by the Institute for Quality in Spanish Tourism. It is hoped that the glowing inspection report filed by the auditor in respect of recent improvements to Playa Las Palmeras will result in a fourth Q certificate being awarded to the town.

LOS ALCAZARES. The word "Alcazares" comes from Arabic (AL Kazar) which means palace or mansion.


The onset of the Christian resettlement period gave Los Alcazares a real importance as a fishing port and harbour thanks to the strategic location. However, it was in the early part of this century when the inhabitancy of the orchards of Murcia commenced their visits to Los Alcazares to take the famous Novenarios "nine baths" to recharge their bodies. This has been maintained throughout history, although the place has been modernised and offers more select surroundings.


Los Alcazares in the region of Murcia situated in the Southeast of Spain, and embraced by the ample contour of the Mar Manor. With seven kilometres of sandy beaches, with average annual temperatures of 18C, a unique sea praised and admired by all those who come here.


The waters of the mar Menor are renowned for their benevolent chemical properties and are classified medicinal. The high concentration of salt and iodine, the absence of the strong waves, shallow waters (maximum 7 meters) and of course, its exceptional temperatures both in summer and winter, form a unique environment and convert the mar Menor into the best therapeutic remedy.


The analysis of its waters shows that the ionic concentration measured to check some elements (magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine, and fluoride, are greater than the Mediterranean sea, therefore therapeutic water treatment with this type of salty waters and application of mud-baths give rise to the elimination of toxic particles, activation of blood circulation and muscle relaxation, and it is highly recommended in cases of stress, rheumatic pains, sciatica, lumbago, and other conditions related to skin and joints.


Enjoy Yourself in Los Alcazares 


Practice any type of water sport in the Mar Menor all year round being considered one of the best regions for all water activities. :

Stroll along the promenade lined with palm trees and enjoy the wonderful sea views and be refreshed by the sea breeze. :

Visit the marina, the main building of which and the ancient spa have been restored. :

Walking for approximately 1.5 km towards Cartagena you will come across la Torre del Rame which is located in the area lined with palm trees. :

One day trips can be taken to other towns as Los Alcazares is an easy place to reach and there is a good road network. :

Spend a day on the isle of Perdiguera, situated in the Mar Menor, and have a swim in it's crystalline waters. :

 Walk or cycle along the routes of the greenhouses, el Cabezo Garbo, Salinas de San Pedro, Calblanque and la Sierra Minera or cycle along the Mar Menor coast. :

Participate in feasts and fiestas organised in Los Alcazares all year round. :

Sporting activities are available all year round : aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, squash, basketball, football, horseback riding etc.



The Seven Kilometres of coastline is divided into the following beaches from north to south, and some of these with the blue flag awarded by EU: Las Salinas beach Los Narejos beach, Las Palmeras beach, Espejo beach, Manzanares beach, Carrion beach, La Concha beach


 What To See Los Alcazares.


Torre del Rame or Rami. Arab fortress which was a vigilance post on the Mar Menor coast and during the Castilian resettlement period it was redesigned to keep the pirates out, who made incursions from the Mediterranean coast. Except for the battlements, the fortress has hardly ever suffered modification, hence maintaining the thickness of the walls and its height (9 meters).  

Hotel Balneario La Encarnacion. This hotel, built in 1904, is located on the shores of the Mar Menor and has remained as the silent witness of the expansion of this municipality. The visitor can still appreciate the idiosyncratic features of the beginnings of the century. The hotel accommodates the famous spa baths with renowned curative properties.

Monument to the Pescador. On the Espejo beach, next to the church of Asuncion, this monumental collection, cast in bronze, pays a homage to the efforts made for many years and the main support of the economy of this municipality i.e. fishery and the fishermen. The monument represents a fisherman who, on his hard day's labour, drags an empty fishnet. Behind him, there are two seas that embrace Murcian coastline; the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea are represented by the mermaids riding on the seahorses and are saddened by the fisherman struggling in vain and help him by filling the fishnet with fish.

Monolith of Municipal Independence. It is located in the Paseo de Carrion, marking the exact spot where the municipalities of San Javier and Torre Pacheco meet, to which Los Alcazares belonged before segregating. It was built in 1993 in order to celebrate the  anniversary of the municipal autonomy.

Municipal Aeronautic Museum. It is situated in the Avenida Libertad, next to the airbase. Here the visitor can see all the documentation, photographs and material on the airbase of Los Alcazares since its creation as an airbase in 1915 till present day.

The Festivities - in Los Alcazares.


There are several festivities held in the area, clearly reflecting on the open character of its people and inviting the visitors to participate in the festivities: :

Carnival, which is held together with the municipalities of San Javier and San Pedro del Piñatar, is called the Carnival of the Mar Menor.  

Berber Incursions in the Mar Menor bring an end to the Easter festivities. In Los Alcazares, the visitor has the chance to travel back in time, by contemplating a medieval market, participating in pirate's attack and where they can find several picturesque characters that will take you back to other times.

Celebrations of Las Lomas del Rame are held in honour of the Virgin of Carmen. These take place during the second half of July. : Day of the Virgin, a land-sea procession in honour of our Lay Asuncian, the Patron Saint of Los Alcazares, and on the 15th. August thousands of believers congregate to pay homage of devotion and love.

 International Week of the Huerta and Mar Menor, an example of folklore, customs, culture, gastronomy and a sign of peace and harmony. It is acknowledged as a Regional tourist attraction and is celebrated annually in the second half of August.  

Festival of Independence - several cultural and sports activities coincide with the anniversary of the municipality's autonomy on the 13th. August. We would like to highlight the most popular feast called the Day of Caldero " fish stock and rice " on the 12th. August, a feast that attracts an array of penas " groups of enthusiasts " who gather on the beach in order to prepare to taste the delicious Caldero, a typical dish from the Mar Menor.  

Patronal feast of Los Narejos, in honour of la Purisma. It is held during the first week of December.  

Different feasts are held in different parts of the municipality, such as Punta Calero, Barrio de San Juan, Oasis, in fact too many to list.

Gastronomy - in Los Alcazares.


The gastronomy of the area is renowned for its simple recipes, as well as for its richness and myriad of ingredients. The typical dish par excellence is the Caldero, originally a seafarer's dish. The famous produce from the orchards of Murcia ( La Huerta) is ever present in our cuisine, with which we prepare our typical dishes from La Huerta such as Michirones, Zarangollo and many more.

The fish and seafood dishes occupy a privileged place in our gastronomy, with fish such as gilthead, mullet and of course the Mar Menor prawns. However, we should highlight our salted fish, roe, salted tuna fish and tuna loin that make delicious appetisers.

As desserts, the fruit is the star, with an array of varieties, and as far as pastries and cakes are concerned the Cierva pasty and Tocino de Cielo are some of the most savoured and appreciable.

Los Alcazares Beach Murcia Spain