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Embedded in between parts of the mountains of the Sierra de Orihuela and the Cresta de Gallo lies Murcia, the city which is due to the large and sophisticated watering system.


 La Manga has become one of the most important resort areas of what is called the ‘Costa Calida’ or the Warm Coast.


The Murcia region was first populated by the ancient Iberian tribes which started intense commercial relationships with the Phoenicians and Greeks, founding commercial factories on the coastal area. It is maybe thanks to this that its history has always been connected to seafaring activities and agriculture. It was a Carthaginian colony and then taken over by the Moors who graced this part of Spain with an advanced system of irrigation which has made Murcia’s crops famous world wide, even nowadays.


This aspect has helped its gastronomy become very popular with a rich balanced Mediterranean diet in elaborating stews, salads, baked meat and rice dishes. But you must not forget that its closeness to the sea also gives it its rich culinary seafood delicacies. And what would be a Spanish meal without a good wine. Its fertile land is producing better wines every year and Murcia is becoming a strong competitor in this market.


HOW TO GET THERE- Murcia City is located NW of Roda and is easily reached within 40 minutes by car.

• Leave Roda and turn left at the roundabout take the 3rd exit continue to the next roundabout and take the AP 7 to Alicante / Murcia

• Continue on the AP 7, exit at junction 782 onto the C3319 to Murcia

• The AP 7 will join the A30 to Murcia.

If you are going to IKEA continue on the A30 this will take you round Murcia town, exit at junction 141 ( this is the next exit after the University exit ).

Note the English Version of Ikeas catalogue is identical to the Spanish one so if you intend buying lots its a good idea to take this with you unless your Spanish is very good.


Murcia  offers you a huge amount of interesting places to visit as the history of the city goes back to the years 800 where it was originally founded as part of Cordoba. Certainly amongst the famous visiting points for any traveller is the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Finished in the 15th Century the

Cathedral is the most impressive monument of Murcia. The city is divided by the Segura River and is known for its beautiful Baroque Cathedral, Almudi Palace and the castle of Monteagudo ( where the Arab influence can be well appreciated ), a fortress from the 11th c., the Market de Veronicas, the Malecon Garden, the University of Murcia and the Museum Ramon Gaya. The Museum Ramon Gaya, dedicated to the artist with this same name and native of Murcia, is found in Casa Palarea in the Catalina Square. It was inaugurated in 1990 when the artist was 82 years old and also includes other works of art from other artists. Ramon Gaya was influenced by famous artists such as Vazquez and Rembrandt, so you have an idea of the intense precision of his work.

Places To Visit - Murcia

Cathedral de Santa Maria

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