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Places for Kids

Local places to visit mainly for Kids


Terra Natura Murcia is a new-generation wildlife park where you can discover the "Zooimmersion" experience a new concept in habitat design which will enable you to come into contact with the animals as if there were no barriers between you, at least, no visible ones!


It is located on the northern side of Murcia.


The 165,445 m2 of the Murcia park are divided into two themed areas: the African Savannah and the Iberian Peninsula.


At Terra Natura Murcia you can see more than 300 animals from 50 different species, three of which are in serious danger of extinction, plus over 500 examples of more than 50 species of trees, shrubs and ground cover plants from these regions.


As well as the hugely varied collection of wildlife, our educational information (through placards with biological details and information points), the architectural theming and the range of shows, entertainment and adventure activities make Terra Natura Murcia the number one choice for families looking to spend an interesting and entertaining day in a natural setting.


Within the same complex you can also visit the water park which has sea lion shows, water chutes water play areas.


Paramount Theme Park - This is still in the planning and build stage but is within 30 minutes from the Penthouse apartment.


Rio Safari Elche  - Located on  the road that goes from Elche to Santa Pola(CV865), 9KM from Elche and 4 from Santa Pola. ( just south of Alicante)