Roda Golf Penthouse Apartment Sunny Murcia

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Roda Golf & Beach Resort

Roda Golf & Beach Resort is possibly the best resort in the area with miles of clean beaches and fantastic facilities

Sports facilities and a small mini-market are available on Roda.

Roda Resort  offers a number of sports facilities for the family to enjoy.

These are situated  a few minutes walk from our Penthouse apartment on Phase 1 of the development.

Floodlighting can also be booked for a small fee at the Club House.

PLEASE REMEMBER if you want to use these sports facilities you will need to provide youor own equipment.

Tennis Courts


By arrangement, we are able to lend you 4 tennis rackets.

Paddle Court Basket Ball Court Play area


If you are new to the game of Paddle Tennis then you can find further information here.

Paddle Tennis is:

·         Played both in Singles or Doubles.

.         Scoring is the same as tennis.

·         Game is the best of three sets.

There is only one serve allowed and it must be underarm


The facility also includes a play area and changing facilities / toilets.

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